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My name is Eileen Monaghan and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005.  I received advanced certification in Prenatal Massage in 2010 and my Reflexology certification in 2015.  My goal is to provide safe and effective massage to all pregnant women.  Whether this is your 1st or 5th, you are considered high-risk or low-risk, you are in your 1st trimester or your a week late (and everything in between), you deserve a massage!  We will work with your doctors if need be to make sure you are receiving a massage that is right for you.

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience!  You are preparing to add to your family.  The love you feel for your little one matches nothing in this world.  Pregnancy can also be very hard on your body.  As the baby grows, your body adjusts to its needs.  Organs are moved, muscles are pushed to their limit; and this is just the physical aspect.  The thought of caring for someone and putting them first can be stressful as well as joyful.

This is the perfect time to receive Massage Therapy!  Research has shown massage can reduce anxiety and depression, decrease muscular and joint pain and decrease stress on the body.  You will get a better nights' sleep!  Muscle aches and pains will diminish.  You may even feel like YOU again!  Schedule your prenatal massage today!

Why Choose a Massage Therapist Who is Certified In Prenatal Massage?

A Massage Therapist that is Certified in Prenatal Massage has received extensive training on the physiological changes that your body goes through during pregnancy.   They understand that you need extra attention paid to specific areas, you need modifications in how you lay on the massage table and they are educated in high risk pregnancies and can adapt to your needs.  There is a confidence to their massage that you may not find in a Massage Therapist with little to no training in Prenatal Massage.

I base your massage on what you tell me and we formulate a session that is right for you.  If I need to contact your OB/GYN or Midwife, then I will to guarantee your session is safe for you.  We can incorporate stretches, myofascial release, reflexology, or lighter pressure if edema is present.  You can schedule 30, 60 or 90 minutes and you don't have to be on your side the whole time.  We can also position you in a modified supine position (lying on your back but elevating your upper body and legs) to work on your neck, legs and feet. 

Not all pregnancies are the same and not all pregnant women want the same massage.  I am here to make sure you are treated as an individual and you receive the best massage for YOUR needs.

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Menu of Services

60 minute Prenatal massage $60

Enjoy 60 minutes of relaxation.  Several different techniques are used including myofascial release, stretches/range of motion, and reflexology to ease those pesky prenatal systems away.  Leave feeling rejuvenated.

90 minute Prenatal massage $85

When you need a little more love, try the 90 minute massage which is just a little more of everything you love about massage.  More stretches, swedish moves and other techniques keep the discomfort at bay.

Fertility Massage

A specialized and effective protocol, developed by Claire Marie Miller, that includes Craniosacral holds, castor oil packs and abdominal massage, reflexology, deep pelvic techniques, shiatsu points and aromatherapy.  This is a perfect session for a woman trying to conceive (or planning on trying to conceive within the next few months).  This treatment is tailored to meet each client's specific needs.  Fertility massage is encouraged for both the woman and her partner.

Your initial session will be 2 hours and includes a consultation, castor oil pack and a 4 oz. bottle of female fertility massage oil and typically lasts 2 hours.  Additional sessions are typically 90 minutes.

First session (2 hours)  $145

Additional sessions  (90 minutes) $105

Postpartum Massage 

A Full body session that focuses on recovery and "closing the gate" in the hips and ribs.  Your body has gone through an amazing transformation.  Help it heal with a massage tailored to your new postpartum self!  I use castor oil packs and abdominal massage to help your digestive system get back on track, Hot stones and a heat pack to soothe and "close the gate" in the sacrum.  Other techniques used are reflexology, craniosacral therapy, manual lymph drainage, myofascial release and soothing Swedish massage strokes.  Aromatherapy can be added at no extra charge.  I have a variety of synergy blends from Eden's Garden that can be very beneficial to the new Mom.

60 minutes $65

70 minutes $75

90 minutes $90

Reflexology $60

A full 60 minutes on the feet and lower leg.  Experience complete relaxation with reflexology.

120 min Prenatal Body and Sole $130

A full 2 hours just for you!  Enjoy a 75 minute massage followed by a foot scrub and hot towels and a 45 minute Reflexology session.  The Ultimate in Relaxation!

Ultimate Relaxation Package $90

75 minute massage with a choice of 2 add-ons: Aromatherapy, Belly wrap, Face mask or Foot scrub

Couples Workshop $150

2 hour workshop designed to help your partner learn basic massage techniques for the most common pregnancy discomforts. We will go over Benefits and Contraindications of massage during pregnancy, Reflexology, Acupressure points and routines that cater to the needs of pregnant women, including abdominal massage, reflexology, back, neck and stretches. You will also receive a booklet to take home with everything you learned.

Add-On Services

Do you want to add a little extra pampering to your session?  Choose from this list of add-ons!

Foot Scrub - $10

Belly Wrap - $10

Aromatherapy - $10*

Castor Oil Pack (Postpartum and Fertility only) - Free

not choose aromatherapy if you are noticing a heightened sense of smell.  Only high quality essential oils are used.  Some essential oils are NOT safe to use during pregnancy and WILL NOT be used in my sessions under any circumstances.


 Purchase a series of 3, 6 or 10 massages and SAVE. The more you but, the more you save.  Buying a series of massages allows you to receive your massage, and not have to focus on money after your session. Your usage of the package is tracked by me. (Not available for fertility massage session)


I have been going to Eileen since I was 28 weeks pregnant! She does excellent, therapeutic work and knows exactly what my changing body needs. I have already booked her weekly through Christmas! Highly, highly recommend for prenatal massages!

- Christine H